Lotos Gdynia 89 Basket Parma 75


Lotos Gdynia cruised to a third successive EuroLeague Women win against Italian side Basket Parma.

Deanna Nolan scored 17 points and dished 4 assists and was elected game MVP. 

Gdynia built an 11-point lead at halftime (56-45) and the home side's focus was on stopping Parma's Donnette Snow. The American center finished with 24 points and 15 rebounds but Gdynia center Margot Dydek also had a strong game, scoring 21 points (on 9/10 shooting), grabbing 11 rebounds and blocking 3 shots.

Parma guard Gordana Grubin, a former Gdynia player, also had a good game for Parma scoring 22 points, but it was not enough for her team to overcome the Polish champions.

Gdynia led by 25 points at the 30-minute mark and there was no hope for Parma of pulling off a comeback.

Gdynia coach Krzysztof Koziorowicz was able to use the last period to give some valuable courtime to his younger players. Ewelina Kobryn was the main beneficiary and the 22 year old center contributed 12 points and 8 rebounds.


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