Lavezzini Parma 85 Vojvodina Nis-Gas 71


Anastasia Kostaki (Lavezzini Parma)
Lavezzini wins the first match in the EuroLeague 85:71 at home against Vojvodina Novi Sad after a difficult match. Vojvodina still wait for their first win and stay last in the ranking of group c. Parma's Svetlana Koutznetsova was the best player of the match with her 12 points (4/4 threes).

At the beginning Lavezzini went up 7:2, but Novi Sad answered in person of Marija Eric. After 7 minutes the score was 13:14 in favor of the visitors. Donnette Snow controlled the boards and collected 14 rebounds. With her help Parma got the lead back after the first quarter (20:14).

In the second quarter Novi Sad tried harder to get even with Lavezzini, but the yellow and blue squad even build on their lead, pushed by a well playing Gordana Grubin. At the half the score was 41:33.

The third quarter was Koutznetsova's quarter. Novi Sad sneaked closer (47:42) but Parma's sharpshooting forward hit four three-pointers to give Lavezzini a 16-point-lead.

Parma controlled the match in the last period though Novi Sad tried everything to come back. The Italian side won 85:71 and celebrated its first victory in this years EuroLeague Women.


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