History For Georgia


After the first day in the 2008 U20 European Championship Men delievered a historical game, with the record set for "Most Three Pointers Made" by a player, day two found its way into the history books as well.

In the closing game of the day Georgia upset Italy 70-63, which isn't the most common outcome in the history of encounters between these two teams.

That win was the first ever by Georgia over Italy in a competition that isn't the U16.

In any other age group of competition, from U18 to Seniors, Italy has always been on the winning side.

Only two U16 teams of Georgia had the pleasure to upset the favorite with the by far greater tradition.

The 1997 team shocked Italy 73-70 on July 11th in a game where future star Vladimir Boisa scored 20 points for the winners.

Following was the 2001 team that beat their fellow Italians no less than three times in that year.

The first triumph was in the Qualifying Round, a 95-68 blow out. The duo met again in the Challenge Round and once again Georgia was on top, this time by just a single point, 76-75.

The final blow was in the European Championship itself, and once again it was a one-sided win, a 101-79 win.

That generation of Georgia featured future stars as Manuchar Markoishvili who stared with 31 points and nine assists in that game, and oddly enough that competition was played in...Riga, Latvia.

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