24 seconds with Ukraine's Olesia Malashenko.


It has been an extremely busy summer for Olesia Malashenko of Ukraine.

The 18-year-old competed at the EuroBasket Women in Latvia last month and is now leading the Ukrainians at the U18 European Championship in Södertälje, Sweden.

She has been busy off the court as well.

Malashenko decided to leave Belgian giants Dexia Namur for French LFB side Arras this summer.

FIBA Europe spent 24 seconds with Olesia Malashenko.

FIBA Europe: What do you enjoy most when you are on the court?

Malashenko: I love to block shots. I really enjoy it. When you actually block one and you see the other player, you are like wow, how strong am I?

FIBA Europe: Who was your idol growing up?

Malashenko: Michael Jordan without question. I have a tattoo on my right leg of the Michael Jordan symbol. He was the best.

FIBA Europe: Have you got any pre-game rituals?

Malashenko: I watch videos of Michael Jordan before games. It really inspires me and gets me geared up for the games. I also pray as well.

FIBA Europe: Who is the best player you have come across?

Malashenko: When I was at Dexia Namur, we played against Spartak (Moscow Region) and there's a player there by the name of Diana Taurasi. I remembered watching her play and learning a lot from her moves, how she plays. She is amazing.

FIBA Europe: What do you do in your spare time?

Malashenko: I don't have much free time and the time I have, I like to watch basketball tapes. But if I want to switch off, then I go to the sea. My home city is Odessa and we have the sea there so I get to relax.

FIBA Europe: What is your favourite film and who is your top actor?

Malashenko: My top film is "Love and basketball". I like funny films too and I enjoy watching Jim Carrey movies.

FIBA Europe: What is your favourite food?

Malashenko: I eat everything, absolutely everything, but I love chocolate.

FIBA Europe: What does basketball mean to you?

Malashenko: It's my life. It's my job, my passion. But I realize I'm nobody without the team.

FIBA Europe: Thanks Olesia.

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