Ukraine 69 Turkey 77


In spite of a rather slow and uninspired start Turkey manage to win over Ukraine. But the Ukrainian team is a team of fighters so it wasn't an easy win.

The Turkish team had a massive support but didn't do very well in the first quarter. Ukraine on the other hand played both smart and quick. The Turkish team improved its speed in the second quarter, playing with more power, but still not good enough to threaten Ukraine.

Ukraine played strong defence and above all had a much better shooting efficiency. After the first two quarters Ukraine's shooting percentage was 46% (3 pointers), Turkey's only 25%.

The Turkish team can be described as a classic locomotive: not very quick at the beginning, but once up to speed almost impossible to stop. In the third quarter the Turkish superior competence became obvious, and the turn around was a fact. Still trailing for most of the quarter, the Turks took the lead with two points with two minutes left.

The game came to its cocnlusion six minutes before the final whistle when the Ukrainian forward Mykola Khryapa missed a fairly easy two point shot. On the turnover Turkey forward Mehmet Okur hit the basket with a three point shot, which made the score 64 to 60.

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