Slovenia: Lorbek Gives Thumbs-Up To EuroBasket

Rising Slovenian star Erazem Lorbek helped his country make history this week by earning a place at the FIBA World Championship for the first time.

In the process, the 2.09m center, who is still only 21 years old, says he grew up a lot on the court.

Lithuania Beat Slovenia, Take Fifth Spot

Lithuania will go back home with the 5th spot in EuroBasket 2005 after beating Slovenia 79-70 in the 5-6 classification game on Sunday. Both teams will play next year in the World Championship in Japan 2006.

Lithuania connected on 7 of their 14 shots from behind the arc, while Slovenia struggled tonight from the same range with 3 out of 20.


NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Sani Becirovic 1.95 19.05.1981 Maribor (SLO)  
 Primoz Brezec 2.16 02.10.1979 Postojna (SLO)  
 Aleksandar Capin 1.86 06.10.1982 Sarajevo (BIH)  
 Erazem Lorbek 2.10 21.02.1984 Kranj (SLO)  
 Bostjan Nachbar 2.06 03.07.1980 Slovenj Gradec (SLO)  
 Radoslav Nesterovic 2.14 30.05.1976 Ljubljana (SLO)  
 Marko Tusek 2.07 17.07.1975 Trbovlje (SLO)  
 Beno Udrih 1.95 05.07.1982 Celje (SLO)  
 4Goran Jurak 2.03 03.04.1977 Celje (SLO)  
 5Jaka Lakovic PG 1.86 09.07.1978 Ljubljana (SLO)  
 6Jure Mocnik 1.80 23.08.1985 Ljubljana (SLO)  
 8Miha Zupan PF 2.05 13.09.1982 Kranj (SLO)  
 9Sasa Doncic 2.02 14.06.1974 Sempeter (SLO)  
10Saso Ozbolt SG 1.88 04.04.1981 Dubrovnik 
12Marko Maravic 2.02 26.06.1979 Ljubljana (SLO)  
13Ivica Jurkovic 2.05 26.03.1973 Capljina (BIH)  
14Nebojsa Joksimovic 1.93 17.11.1981 Koper (SLO)  
15Zelimir Zagorac 2.04 09.03.1981 Gospic (CRO)  


Head Coach: Ales Pipan

More Headlines

Slovenia Earn Place In 2006 World Championships.

Slovenia overcame a big early deficit to beat Croatia 89-80 and claim the final World Championship place still up for grabs at EuroBasket 2005.

The Slovenians, who went unbeaten in the group stage but fell apart against Dirk Nowitzki and Germany in their quarter-final, will now try to play Lithuania in a battle for fifth place on Sunday afternoon.

Slovenia's Party To Hit Belgrade Streets

Slovenian coach Ales Pipan acknowlegded his team's victory against Croatia and the country's first berth at the FIBA World Championships with eight seconds remaining in Saturday's first semi-final.

The coach raised a fist into the air towards the crowd with the team leading 88-80 and Jaka Lakovic heading to free throw line. Behind him, his assistants and the players on the bench were arm-in-arm jumping up and down.

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PTSJ. Lakovic10.7
RTI. Jurkovic4.7
ASJ. Lakovic2.8
STJ. Lakovic1.8
BSI. Jurkovic0.2


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11.09.2004vs POL[W] 80-71 (A)
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22.09.2004vs POL[W] 82-62 (H)
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