Half-Court Press: Rokas Gustys

17 August 2012

Lithuanian head coach Arunas Visockas' job has been made easier at the Samsung U18 European Championship, on account of having one of the deepest benches in the tournament.

More than any other team in Vilnius, Lithuania have personified a team game, with any one player able to step up on a different night.

One player doing that better than most off the bench has been big man Rokas Gustys. Soon after scoring eight points and adding seven rebounds in his team's quarter-final win over Latvia, the 2.03 m center caught up with for the latest half-court press.

Rokas Gustys (Lithuania)
Milan Macvan fan Rokas Gustys is a spark plug for Lithuania's rebounding off the bench What is your first basketball memory?

My first basketball memory is a win of course. I was five years old playing basketball and we won my first game. I was little. I scored maybe two or three points. What would it mean to play for the Lithuanian national team one day?

That would be very good. For me it would be super. I have been dreaming to play in the national team since I was five years old. Who is the best European player you have seen play?

[Milan] Macvan playing for Partisan. He is a good player. I do not model my own game on him but just watch him play in Euroleague. What is the best game you have watched?

The best game I have ever watched was the Euroleague final last year when Olympiacos bet CSKA. It was a crazy game. Two seconds on the shot-clock: pass or shoot?

I pass to the playmaker and he makes the shot. If your coach comes for dinner, what are you going to cook him?

Maybe sandwiches or eggs, or something like that. Who is the most serious player in your team and who is the biggest joker?

Lukas Lekavicius. He is the captain and the playmaker of the team. He talks very little. [Augustinas] Jankaitis and [Marius] Grigonis are talking all the time and making all the jokes. Have you seen any good films lately, and maybe some you can recommend to your fans?

Coach Carter and Glory Road are great basketball films but for comedies, anything with [Rowan] Atkinson. He is a good actor.


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