Half-Court Press: Dovydas Redikas


8. Dovydas Redikas (Lithuania)
Dovydas Redikas admits it took him some time to decide he liked basketball - he was probably too busy reading cooking recipes! decided to submit Dovydas Redikas of Lithuania to its tough Half-Court Press and find out more about a player who seems so emotional on the basketball court.

Even with stitches in his eyebrow after Lithuania's victory against Turkey, the shooting guard opened up and showed his colourful personality, which will have further opportunities to shine in the Quarter-Finals on Friday. What's your first basketball memory?
Dovydas Redikas: I remember starting to play basketball when I was 11 years old. I stopped playing after about two weeks of practices. Back in the day, I had a mini-basket at my house and we used to play a lot with my friend. I really enjoyed it and took up basketball again.

Why did you want to become a basketball player?
It was probably the influence of my coach, one of my friends, my brother. They all pushed me to become a professional basketball player. However, I think the biggest factor was the time I spent in Malaga. The coaches there really got me interested in the sport. I'm really thankful that I am where I am now.

Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most... childish?
We're calling Rokas Giedraitis the young one, so that would be the obvious choice. But everyone is pretty mature. It's a difficult choice...

Which is the best basketball game you've ever played in or watched?
It would probably the Euroleague final between Panathinaikos and CSKA in 2009. Two Lithuanians played there. Sarunas Jasikevicius won, but Ramunas Siskauskas had a chance to give CSKA the victory with a last-second shot.

Speaking of which -there's only 2 seconds left on the shot-clock, do you pass the ball or shoot?
Depends on the situation. If I'm open, I'll shoot.

How do you imagine basketball in ten years?
When you compare with the past, I think young players tend to mature faster. Everyone seems to be faster, they can jump higher. I think the game will be much more athletic in the future.

Who is your idol on the basketball court?
Sarunas Marciulionis has always been my favourite player.

What is the last film you have seen? Would you recommend it?
I just watched a really good one. Let me remember... The Blind Side was good. And I also just watched Special Forces. Both very good films.

Which part of practice do you like the least?
The very beginning, before you stretch. That's the hardest.

Which do you prefer - Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook. I also have a Twitter account, but I don't really use it.

Do you know how to cook and what would you cook for your coach if he ate dinner at your house?
I can cook really well. The coach could ask for anything he likes and I would be able to cook it. I don't know what kind of food he likes, but I could make anything!



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