Israel 91 Latvia 75


Ido Kozikaro (Israel)
Israel did their best game in the tournament and had no problems to win the important game against Latvia after really great shooting throughout the game.

Israel started the game with high speed and the Latvian players did not stand up against it. Israel made the first nine points in the game and played really great basketball in the first quarter. They where almost perfect in the shooting and looked very focused. The Latvians had no possibility to play the powerful game they had showed in the former games.

In the second quarter the Israelis showed some tight defence and effectively stopped all attempts to inside play. They also got on with really good offensive play and the Latvians were often passive and let the Israelis score easy points.

Yaniv Green (Israel)
And since the Latvians were really bad from distance and well as from the free throw line, Israel had no problems building a 20 point lead.

After the intermission Latvia looked a bit better and a few times they got closer to Israel, but their passive defence and many fouls made it impossible in the end. Because of Israel's big lead they could play without tension and let Latvia make the mistakes.

When Kaspars Kambala and Armands Skele fouled out in the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Latvian frustration grew big. The Israelis had no problems to keep their big lead to the end. 

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