Latvia Rock Spain

By Yarone Arbel

Latvia pulled of a shocking 85-58 win over Spain in Group F of the Omnitel U16 European Championship Men to move a step closer to the Quarter-Finals.

For Spain it was their first loss, and dropped them to 3-1. Latvia are now at 2-2 and with a win over the winless Germans tomorrow they'll be in the top eight teams.

Spain, who are in the Quarter-Finals already, will take on France tomorrow and can still win the group despite the harsh loss.

Kaspars Vecvagars led Latvia with 18 points and seven rebounds, Ojars Silins added 15 with three blocks, Janis Berzins had 14 and Klavs Strazdins had 13.

Jaime Fernandez and Ricardo Pampano were the top scorers for Spain with nine each.

Latvia found Spain still asleep taking the floor and before the Spanish side woke up it was already 14-0.

By the time Spain scored their first points Latvia was already on fire, sharing the ball between players and scoring easy points.

Silins, Vecvagars, Strazdins and Berzins already scored eight points or more in the first half, as Spain struggled to produce points and entered the half down by an unpredictable 45-20.

The second half was better for Spain, as shots finally started to fall in, but it was too late for a come back.

The biggest run of Spain was a 6-0 one, that only cut some of the 30 point difference, but didn't make a real change.

Latvia continued to toy around, and even the bench players didn't allow the big margin to drop.


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