24 Seconds With Janis Antrops


In our latest instalment of 24 seconds, we caught up with Latvia guard Janis Antrops who is taking part in the Termosteps U16 European Championship Men in Crete.

Antrops scored 19 points and grabbed five rebounds to lead the way as Latvia beat Russia 76-70 in their opening game in Group D.

Here is what Janis had to say about Jason Kidd, rap and hip hop and his team-mates.

FE: hat was the first sport you played?

Antrops: Basketball. I have played it since I was six years old. I played football and volleyball on the side, but I knew basketball was the sport for me. My brother used to play as well.

FE: Who are your sporting idols?

Antrops: I really like Jason Kidd because he can do a bit of everything on the court. He can score, pass and rebound.

FE: You’re over here in Crete for about 10 days. What do you miss the most from home?

Antrops: Well I don’t know if I miss anything really. It’s just that here’s it’s very hot and I’d like to be back home where it’s cooler.

FE: What kind of movies do you like?

Antrops: I like a bit of everything but mostly I like good comedies.

FE: What do you think of Crete? Have you seen a bit of the island while you’ve been here?

Antrops: We haven’t had much time to sightsee but I can see that it’s a very beautiful place and the landscape with the mountains is spectacular.

FE: What players that you have seen in action in Groups C and D (in Ierapetra) have impressed you?

Antrops: I think Greece’s No 6 (Giannis Aggelopoulos) is a great player.

FE: Would you like to defend him if you play against Greece?

Antrops: (Laughs) No I don’t know. I don’t think I’d be able to defend against him.

FE: If you look at your team-mates on the Latvian team, who would you say is the funny one?

Antrops: I think that would have to be Harijs (Rubenis).

FE: Who is your best friend on the team?

Antrops: I don’t have one best friend. Everybody is great. We all get along. We have fun.

FE: What kind of music do you like to listen to before a game?

Antrops: I like rap and R’n’B. But not Eminem and 50 Cent. And I don’t really like rock’n’roll or pop music.

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