Estonia: Kriisa Participation In Doubt

11 August 2005

Estonia playmaker Valmo Kriisa's hand injury could force him to pull out of the EuroBasket additional qualifying round, according to Estonian paper SL Ohtuleht.

Kriisa has been struggling with the hand injury since the start of the summer.

After a month-long training break in July, he returned to the team but hurt his hand again in the game against Lithuania.

"It does not feel good at all," said Kriisa.

"I would not like to play the ball right now."

He added that if it does not get any better in the next few days, it will be highly unlikely he will join the team for the qualifiers.

Kriisa also admitted that his home team Groningen had tried to talk him out of playing for the international games so he could recover in time for the domestic season.

"So far I have tried to do it my own way and spend time in Estonia," he said.

"But now who knows what will happen?"

The Estonian team will take part in more training matches before the qualifiers.

This weekend they will meet Latvia, Finland and Sweden in the Baltic Tournament in Rakvere.

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