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Alexandria was impressed with the atmosphere in Salamanca, but she expects the Pecs fans to produce something similar on Friday

Szia readers!

In case you haven't been following what has been happening, we dropped the first game of the series to Salamanca at their place on Tuesday.

I'm sure this didn't come as a surprise to many people, but here in Pecs, we were obviously disappointed and knew this wasn't our best showing.

However, we left the game with a good feeling knowing we can play much better. Of course, it's tough to lose any game but the good thing is that it's a best of 3 series.

We can definitely learn from this last game and we still have a chance to get better and to show it on the court. We went in against Halcon Avenida in the first game with a really good game plan that we followed and executed for about 30 minutes.

Yeah, I say 30 minutes because this is the reason why we lost. Against such a good team like Salamanca, you have to be focused and follow the game plan for the entire 40 minutes. There really is no room for mistakes.

So now, we are back in Pecs, with a day or so to rest our bodies and fix a few things on the court.

We were able to watch a film of the first game and see the situations that we didn't do so well in. We are really excited to get another chance to play, especially in front of our great home crowd.

Speaking of fans, the Salamanca supporters were intense to say the least. If you're not familiar with their gym, it's quite small, so you feel like the fans are right on top of you. Half of the time, you could barely hear your team-mates or coaches yelling things to you.

Going into halftime, the fans must have disagreed with one of the refs' calls and they did not hesitate to let them know about it. I really thought my ear drums were going to pop because the whistling was so loud. It was insane!

I'm just trying to describe how crazy and fun this gym was. It was a great atmosphere to play in and we know it's going to be the same in the second game! Only this time they will be cheering for us, so Pecs fans - please rest your voices and be ready to be the best like you always are!

Hopefully I'll be sending another postcard on the way to Salamanca for game 3! Let's go!



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