MiZo-Pecsi VSK 81 vs. Kozachka - Zalk 55


Pecs began their campaign to make the EuroLeague Final Four for the second consecutive year in style, with an easy win against Kozachka Zalk in the first of their three game play-off series.

Dalma Ivanyi
Playing in front of a full house in Pecs, the home side raced out to a quick advantage and never looked back.

As always it was point guard Dalma Ivanyi who had a hand in the furious pace set by Pecs. Ivanyi scored 5 points and dished 3 assists in the opening period and Kozachka were in trouble after just 50 seconds, trailing 6-0.

Pecs led 22-11 after 10 minutes and by halftime the game was effectively over, as the Hungarian side led 43-25.

Pecs coach Laszlo Ratgeber turned to his bench in the last quarter, but it had no impact on the score and Pecs strolled to a comfortable victory.

In a balanced offensive effort, Koraljka Hlede led Pecs wîth 14 points. Ivanyi (11 points and 11 assists) and Timea Ivkovicné Béres (12 points and 12 rebounds) both recorded double-doubles.


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