Bourges Basket 61 vs. MiZo-Pecsi VSK 48


Bourges and Pecs are establishing a serious EuroLeague Women rivalry. At the quarter-final stage of last year's competition, the two sides met in 2 desperately close games. It was Pecs who edged the series 2-0, but only after an overtime win in game 2.

Elodie Godin made amends for a poor game one performance
This season, the two sides are once again battling for a spot in the final four. For Pecs, it would be a third final four appearance, while Bourges are looking to make the ultimate stage of the competition for the first time since 2003.

Based on Friday night's game two, the deciding contest in Pecs (due to be played on Thursday 24th March) could go either way.

After winning the first game at home, Pecs suffered an offensive meltdown in Bourges. The Hungarian side shot just 15% from three-point range (3/20) and a miserable 52% (11/21) from the free throw line. They only managed to score 30 points in the opening three quarters.

It was Bourges who remained in control of the game. They turned a 3-point first quarter advantage into an 18 point lead by halftime.

21 year old forward Sabrina Reghaissia really stepped up for Bourges, hitting a game high points. Elodie Godin made up for a 1/9 shooting performance in the first game, to register 8 points and 15 rebounds.

Facing a 20-point deficit going into the final period (50-30), Pecs were able to make a small impression into Bourges' advantage, but not enough to threaten victory.


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