New Team, New Attitude For Montanana


Anna Montanana admits she must be in better physical condition in 2010-11 when she plays in Spain's Liga Femenina and the EuroLeague Women.

Montanana, who this season decided to return to Halcon Avenida for a third stint at the club, wasn't in the best of shape when she showed up at Ros Casares last summer, although the Spain international did provide a boost to the Valencia club as it won the Supercopa, Copa de la Reina and Liga Femenina title again and also reached the final of the EuroLeague Women.

"I return to Avenida stronger mentally than I was before," she said.

"I need to improve on my physical form as this year I haven't been in the shape I should have been."

Avenida will be extremely tough on opponents, particularly with their frontline that includes Sancho Lyttle and Erika de Souza.

The club has other Spain internationals Alba Torrens and Silvia Dominguez, while the new coach is Lucas Mondelo.

"I am returning to Avenida with one main aim," Montanana said, "to win a title.

"I really like the team they are creating and I think the opportunity is there, too, to win the title that I never won in Salamanca.

"The truth is that I didn't have to think twice about this chance.

"I think Avenida is closer to Ros Casares than in the past.

"I don't know what Ros' team will be like but I know that we will have a very good group."




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