Ros Feeling The Pressure Ahead Of USVO Visit


A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the warm climes of Valencia where Ros Casares are having to prepare for a deciding third game in their EuroLeague Women eighth-final play-off series with US Valenciennes.

That's because Manolo Real's team, who won its first 11 games in the competition, lost at USVO on Friday to leave the Spanish juggernauts looking more vulnerable than they have at any point this season.

Ros won the first game by 26 points, so to lose the game two has come as a shock to everyone.

And it happened after a terrific effort by USVO star Nicole Ohlde, who poured in 20 points.

Ros Casares coach Manolo Real said: "Now we can't think of the 26-point margin of our opening game because it isn't worth anything. Each game, as we saw against Valenciennes, is a different story and we consider Wednesday's game as a real final.

"I hope people will come to watch us play at the Fonteta and help to create that magical atmosphere of the great European games. The Fonteta has to take us all the way to the quarter-finals."

Ros Casares made it all the way to the EuroLeague Women final last season before falling to Spartak Moscow Region.

They are not the only team that has to win a decider.

MiZo Pecs have also forced a third game against Gambrinus Sika Brno, the champions of two seasons ago.


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