Adrijana Knezevic (Ros Casares Valencia)

Adrijana Knezevic

Nationality: SRB
Born : 20.01.1987
Place of birth: Senta (SRB)
Height: 1.83m
Position: SF

3.0Points per game
1.6Rebounds per game
0.3Assists per game
Ros Casares Valencia


Adrijana Knezević - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Toulouse (France-LFB)

Career: Novi Belgrade (Serbia & Montenegro-A, 2003-05), Ros Casares (Spain-LFB, 2005-06), Perfumerias Avenida (Spain-LF, 2006), Faenza (Italy-A, 2007-08), Gran Canaria (Spain-LF, 2008-09), Soller Joventud (Spain-LFB, 2009-10), Spartak Subotica (Serbia-ZLS, 2010-11), Villeneuve d'Ascq ESB Lille Metropole (France-LFB, 2011), Lotos Gdynia (Poland-PLKK, 2011-12), Toulouse (France-LFB, 2012-13)

A star of a golden generation, Knezevic found fame during her youth career, when she took Serbia & Montenegro to the top of the podium at the U18 European Championship with some impressive numbers and was subsequently snapped up by Spanish juggernaut Ros Casares whilst still only 18. Since then, the forward has played for other Spanish clubs as well as in Poland, Italy and France, regularly displaying her qualities on the wing. Last season she helped Toulouse retain their top flight status. Whilst she doesn't pose a big three-point threat, she does offer nice passing ability, the ability to penetrate to the basket and is effective in transition due to her energy, court smarts and decisiveness. She arrived late in the Serbian preparation camp, but the fact that Coach Maljkovic and Co were happy to wait for her, indicates how highly they rate her potential contribution in France and how important they believe her experience could be.


vs MiZo-Pécs (L 64-77)181/520.01/425.00/10.00/00.0235200012
vs USO Basket (L 81-67)80/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0112011010
vs USK Praha (W 80-78)80/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.0000002000
vs Dexia Namur (W 62-77)30/10.00/10.00/00.01/250.0101011001
vs VBM-SGAU (L 81-46)60/20.00/20.00/00.01/250.0011001001
vs MiZo-Pécs (L 83-61)90/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.0000101010
vs USO Basket (W 76-73)20/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.0000020000
vs USK Praha (W 60-71)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Dexia Namur (W 74-70)315/771.44/666.71/1100.08/1172.70440410419
vs VBM-SGAU (L 58-59)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Dynamo (L 72-59)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Dynamo (L 43-64)112/825.02/728.60/10.00/00.0101001134
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1912.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur24 - 2 times
Total Rebounds526.10.2005 vs. MiZo-Pécs8 - 2 times
Assists226.10.2005 vs. MiZo-Pécs6 - EuroCup Women 2009
02.10.2008 vs Flying Foxes
Steals210.11.2005 vs. USK Praha5 - 2 times
Blocked Shots103.02.2006 vs. Dynamo1 - 9 times
Minutes3112.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur38 - 2 times
Field Goals Made512.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur10 - U18 European Championship Women 2005
07.08.2005 vs Germany
Field Goals Attempted803.02.2006 vs. Dynamo23 - EuroCup Women 2009
23.10.2008 vs Gospic Croatia
2 Pts Field Goals Made412.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur9 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted703.02.2006 vs. Dynamo17 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Made112.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur4 - FIBA Women's U19 World Championship 2005
24.07.2005 vs United States of America
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted13 times6 - 2 times
Free Throws Made812.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur8 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Dexia Namur
Free Throws Attempted1112.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur11 - EuroLeague Women 2006
12.01.2006 vs Dexia Namur
Offensive Rebounds226.10.2005 vs. MiZo-Pécs4 - EuroLeague Women 2012
20.10.2011 vs Uni Seat Györ
Defensive Rebounds412.01.2006 vs. Dexia Namur8 - U20 European Championship Women 2007
13.07.2007 vs Hungary



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