Dynamo 90 vs. Delta ICP 57

09 December 2004

The beginning of the game was in great contrast to its continuation. In the first minutes lack of team work and concentration of the home side led to numerous turnovers, and the Slovak team got the lead (6:2). The rest of the first period both teams were equal, but at the end of it Dynamo was beginning to push their game.

A couple of quick attacks in the second quarter led to a 13:0-run by Dynamo. The home side took a comfortable lead (57:24).

This game was one of the best of the year for Dynamo‚Äôs playmakers Latysheva and her substitute Demagina, who showed a good balanced teamplay.

In attack one could also point out Vodickova for her smart solutions. Because of their physical strength inside Dynamo made lots of fast breaks. Their powerful centers helped to create domination underneath the basket.

After the 3rd quarter the game was already decided. Dynamo's huge 78:40-lead made them certain winners of the match.

MVP of the game: Dynamo forward Kamila Vodickova with 18 points.


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