Nadezhda Grishaeva (WBC DYNAMO MOSCOW)

Nadezhda Grishaeva

Nationality: RUS
Born : 02.07.1989
Place of birth: Leningrad (RUS)
Height: 1.95m
Position: PF

9.5Points per game
5.9Rebounds per game
0.7Assists per game




  • » Ranks #14 in Fouls (2.9)
  • » Ranks #19 in Free Throws Percentage (67.4%)
  • » Ranks #16 in Blocked Shots (0.6)
  • » Ranks #10 in Offensive Rebounds (2.6)
Nadezhda Grishaeva - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Dynamo Moscow (Russia-Premier League)

Career: Dynamo Moscow (Russia-Premier League, 2007-09), Chevakata (Russia-Premier League, 2009-10), Sparta&K M.R. Vidonje (Russia-Premier League, 2010-11), Arras (France-LFB, 2011-12), Dynamo Moscow (Russia-Premier League, 2012-13)

Another player viewed as being a fundamental part of the Russian frontcourt for many years to come, the 22-year-old is making great progress at national team and club level. Benefiting from broadening her horizons with a season in France at Arras, she returned to Russia and landed the EuroCup Women title with Dynamo Moscow, scoring an efficient 14 points in the second-leg of the final, having racked up 30 points during the two-legged semi-final. It capped a remarkable 12 months for the player, who was handed her debut at the London Olympics and has done all she can to impress sufficiently enough to hang on to her place. She starred at youth level, including being named in the All Tournament Team at the U20 European Championship in 2009, after leading Russia in points, rebounds and assists. She's got a great package of skills and is getting better with every season. She rarely smiles but perhaps should do, since she's one of the most complete players of her generation. 


vs VS Prague (W 83-40)243/1225.03/1225.00/00.02/633.35385122348
vs Basket Landes (L 79-73)172/825.02/825.00/00.00/00.00110100214
vs Partizan Galenika (W 70-65)181/425.01/425.00/00.02/2100.04151510214
vs VS Prague (W 73-86)287/1353.87/1353.80/00.02/2100.0381101102316
vs Basket Landes (W 66-51)313/1030.03/1030.00/00.01/250.037100113317
vs Partizan Galenika (L 80-73)267/1258.37/1258.30/00.05/683.3651102015619
vs Tarbes GB (L 54-55)163/650.03/650.00/00.03/3100.02350300229
vs Tarbes GB (W 80-88)191/425.01/425.00/00.00/00.01452100302
vs BLMA (W 73-51)154/850.04/850.00/00.03/560.024610004311
vs BLMA (W 84-86)233/650.03/650.00/00.01/1100.00551210417
vs Chevakata (W 82-73)207/1258.37/1258.30/00.06/875.041503014520
vs Chevakata (W 62-68)174/850.04/850.00/00.02/450.031402103310
vs Kayseri Kaski spor (W 66-61)151/333.31/333.30/00.00/00.00000112212
vs Kayseri Kaski spor (L 74-70)216/875.06/875.00/00.02/450.042600002214
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2007.02.2013 vs. Chevakata23 - EuroBasket Women 2015
18.06.2014 vs Sweden
Total Rebounds112 times20 - EuroCup Women 2012
01.12.2011 vs SISU
Assists524.10.2012 vs. VS Prague5 - EuroCup Women 2013
24.10.2012 vs VS Prague
Steals224.10.2012 vs. VS Prague4 - 3 times
Blocked Shots321.11.2012 vs. Basket Landes4 - 2 times
Minutes3121.11.2012 vs. Basket Landes36 - U16 European Championship Women 2005
30.07.2005 vs Serbia & Montenegro
Field Goals Made73 times10 - 3 times
Field Goals Attempted1314.11.2012 vs. VS Prague21 - U20 European Championship Women 2009
17.07.2009 vs Germany
2 Pts Field Goals Made73 times10 - 3 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1314.11.2012 vs. VS Prague21 - U20 European Championship Women 2009
17.07.2009 vs Germany
3 Pts Field Goals Made 1 - EuroLeague Women 2011
17.11.2010 vs Tarbes GB
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted 2 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
07.07.2007 vs Serbia
Free Throws Made607.02.2013 vs. Chevakata7 - 4 times
Free Throws Attempted807.02.2013 vs. Chevakata12 - U16 European Championship Women 2005
30.07.2005 vs Serbia & Montenegro
Offensive Rebounds629.11.2012 vs. Partizan Galenika7 - U20 European Championship Women 2009
17.07.2009 vs Germany
Defensive Rebounds814.11.2012 vs. VS Prague15 - EuroCup Women 2012
01.12.2011 vs SISU



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