Pays d’Aix Basket 91 MBK Ruzomberok 70


Pays d'Aix Basket picked another victory over group trailers Ruzomberok this evening and with it managed the qualification for the next step of EuroLeague Women.

Both teams started well in the first period and scored point after point. Ruzomberok looked even better than Aix and prevented the hosts from scoring on some occasions.

However, despite good defense, Ruzomberok did not manage to create a gap between them and the French and at the half the hosts had turned the game: Aix led 42-36.

The third period totally signed the end for Ruzomberok. Aix played beautifully scoring 32 points in this period alone.

Svietlana Volnaya started the quarter with two 3-pointers and with the the help of Mandic and Harrower finally closed the game for the hosts.

The same scenario went on in the last quarter with Aix really showing their determination to advance in the EuroLeague Women.

MVP of the game: Sviatlana Volnaya (Aix) with 23 points (3/4 three-pointers).


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