Fab Four Lead The Way For Spartak

Spartak Moscow are in command of the EuroCup Women final after thrashing hosts Pays D´Aix in the opening leg the championship tie on Tuesday evening.

The fabulous four of Lisa Leslie, Gordana Grubin, Ticha Penicheiro and Linda Frohlich (pictured) led the Russian team to an 80-65 triumph in Aix-en-Provence.

Spartak And Pays D’Aix Advance To EuroCup Women Finals

Spartak Moscow, behind another strong performance from American star Lisa Leslie, played to a 61-all tie in game 2 of their quarter-final series with Halcon Avenida, which was enough to allow the Russian club to advance to the finals by winning the two-game series by a combined 132-116.

In the other semi-final, Pays D’Aix, despite losing 73-71 in game 2, also advanced by winning the two games by a combined score of 150-138. They won the first game 79-65.


NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Aurelia Bouillon PG 1.69 16.01.1988 St. Etienne (FRA)  
 Marina Ferragut PF 1.90 11.02.1972 Barcelone (ESP)  
 Alix Keita 1.89 31.03.1989 A'yen Provence (FRA)  
 Anissa Lago PF 1.83 07.03.1988 La Tronche (FRA)  
 4Bintou Diémé PG 1.67 01.02.1984 Evreux (FRA)  
 5Anastasia Kostaki 1.72 26.03.1978 Athens (GRE)  
 6Aurelie Carmona PF 1.85 01.07.1987 Lyon (FRA)  
 7Edna Campbell SG 1.75 26.11.1968 Philadelphia, PA (USA)  
 8Magali Lopez PF 1.86 22.01.1980 Toulon (FRA)  
 9Catherine Joens SG 1.80 12.02.1981 CA (USA)  
10Magali Lacroix PF 1.87 22.04.1975 Paris (FRA)  
12Marylene Guerra 1.85 03.02.1988 Cannes (FRA)  
14Emmeline Ndongue 1.92 25.04.1983 Auxerre (FRA)  
15Marta Zurro 1.86 01.11.1980 Madrid (ESP)  

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Leslie Leads Spartak, Pays D'Aix Prevail

Spartak Moscow took a significant step to advancing to the EuroCup Women finals by defeating Halcon Avenida 71-55 in game one of their best-of-two semi-finals series behind the play of American star Lisa Leslie.

Pays D'Aix also posted a convincing victory in the other semi-finals match-up by defeating Coconuda 79-65.

Spartak, Coconuda, Pays D´Aix and Halcon Avenida Advance

Spartak, Coconuda, Pays D´Aix and Halcon Avenida all marched on to the semi-finals after EuroCup Women action last night.

Gordana Grubin scored a game-high 20 points to lead Spartak to a 73-69 victory over Anda Ramat Hasharon and won the two-game series 147-136.


Pays D´Aix Basket 13
Pays D´Aix Basket 13


PTSA. Kostaki16.2
RTE. Ndongue8.1
ASA. Kostaki7.1
STC. Joens1.7
BSE. Ndongue2.4


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19.10.2005vs Ribera[L] 71-75 (A)
27.10.2005vs Haukar[W] 99-59 (H)
02.11.2005vs CajaCanarias[W] 78-60 (H)
09.11.2005vs Ribera[W] 64-50 (H)
17.11.2005vs Haukar[W] 105-41 (A)
24.11.2005vs CajaCanarias[L] 62-67 (A)
07.12.2005vs Arvi[L] 65-83 (A)
15.12.2005vs Arvi[W] 81-50 (H)
12.01.2006vs Gospic[W] 65-62 (H)
19.01.2006vs Gospic[L] 67-69 (A)
02.02.2006vs Nadezhda[W] 73-57 (H)
09.02.2006vs Nadezhda[L] 66-67 (A)
23.02.2006vs Coconuda[W] 79-65 (A)
02.03.2006vs Coconuda[L] 71-73 (H)
14.03.2006vs Spartak[L] 65-80 (H)
21.03.2006vs Spartak[L] 66-72 (A)


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