US Valenciennes Olympic 82 vs. Baltiyskaya Zwezda 50


turn over of players

The current Euroleague champions, US Valenciennes Olympic, played host in their final game of the regular season to last-placed Baltiyskaya Zwezda. The home squad used their fast breaks and high shooting-percentage to take a 27-14 lead after the first quarter.

There was a scary moment early on in the game when Chantelle Anderson of USVO injured her face and had to leave the game. Luckily the injury was not too serious and she was able to return in the second period and led her team to a 46-27 halftime lead.

Despite the lopsided game, Baltiyskaya Zwezda never gave up in the second half and continued to fight it out until the bitter end. USVO sailed to an 82-50 lead, but realize that they will have to tune-up their game in order to defend their title.


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