Bulgaria Go, Germany Stay In Division A

31 July 2010
Classification Round

Bulgaria is the first team to say goodbye to Division A while Germany is the first to secure their spot for one more year after today's results in the Classification Round of the OMNITEL U18 European Championship at Lietuvos Rytas Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania on Saturday evening.

Patrick Heckmann (Germany)
Patrick Heckmann has been less influential in the Classification Round but still contributed 11 points and 3 assists in the Division A clinching win

Bulgaria lost to Ukraine 104-63 and dropped to a 1-4 record in the last place, that is too short to escape from. Ukraine raised their record to 3-2, but still need to survive Sweden tomorrow in a win-or-die game for both sides.

Germany beat Sweden 78-49 to take a 4-1 record, enough to lock their seat in Division A in 2011 as well, while the losing side dropped to a 2-3 record.

The first game tomorrow between Sweden and Ukraine will decide the fate of the group as the winner survive and loser join Bulgaria.

In Day 3 of the Classifiaction Round Sweden came out of nowhere to get an 81-76 win over Ukraine after being down by 13 with 5 minutes to play.

Mathis Mönninghoff and Philipp Neumann scored 15 points for Germany while the latter had 11 rebounds and 4 blocks as well, followed by Dennis Kramer with 13 points and 11 rebounds and Patrick Heckmann with 11.

The only player in Sweden to reach double-digits was Viktor Gaddefors with 10.

Sweden committed no less than 23 turnovers, and will need to improve that aspect in order to survive tomorrow.

The Germans dominated the game right from the start with a 10-1 lead, that was extended to 37-17 after a 2nd quarter run.

The difference remained the same in the 2nd half while Germany got ready for celebrating their stay in the top stage.

Ukraine saw no trouble in their game with Bulgaria and became the 2nd team in the competition to score more than 100 points, and just like in the first case, when Lithuania crushed France, the margin was the same - 41.

Here as well the first minutes told it all as Ukraine climbed to a quick 12-2 margin, on their way to a total of 32 points already in the first quarter and a 13 point lead.

The following two quarters were closer, and when the teams entered the last quarter Bulgaria was down by 17 points, and Ukraine smelled the blood to attack again, finish the last quarter with a 28-4 win in hope they still have enough ammunition for the key game tomorrow.

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