24 Seconds With Lena Bradaric and Sophie Eder

07 August 2009

Despite the agony of losing their Division A status after a winless streak in Naples, Germany duo Sophie Eder and Lena Bradaric both found time to speak to FIBA Europe as they paired up for 24 Seconds. 

FIBA Europe: What was the last film you saw?

Bradaric, Eder: Twilight

FIBA Europe:If you were only allowed to visit one website for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


Eder: (sort of German Facebook)

5. Lena Bradaric (Germany)
Lena Bradaric could not avoid Germany being relegated besides some strong individual performances

FIBA Europe: What is your favourite memory on the court and also off the court?

Bradaric: winning the final of the German U16 Championship, off the court: my family and friends supporting me

Eder: giving the best for my team, off the court: my family and friends supporting me

FIBA Europe: What do you miss most about being away from home?

Bradaric: My best friend

Eder: My family

FIBA Europe: Who is your idol?

Bradaric: My coach Milos Kandic

FIBA Europe: If you were invisible for one day, what would you do?

Bradaric: I would listen to peoples secret conversations

Eder: I would try some forbidden things.

FIBA Europe: Have you got any pre-game rituals?

Bradaric: I listen to music and visualise my shot or other skills

FIBA Europe: What is your favourite food?

Eder: Pasta

Bradaric: Pancakes

FIBA Europe: What does basketball mean to you?

Bradaric: Basketball is my life

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