FIBA Europe Backs Kyiv

09 April 2006

Life is about second chances and Kyiv has lived up to its billing in hosting the 2006 EuroCup Final Four one year after it had to give up the event.

This thought was echoed on Saturday by FIBA Europe President George Vassilakopoulos and Secretary General Nar Zanolin during a press conference at the Hotel National in Kyiv.

In 2005, Kyiv was awarded the EuroCup Final Four, but one month prior to the event BC Kyiv President and FIBA Europe board member Alexander Volkov had to deliver bad news to Zanolin.

Due to a clash of dates with the Eurovision song contest, Kyiv were unable to host the Final Four. However, this did nothing to dent FIBA Europe’s faith in collaborating with Ukraine’s top club.

“We had given the 2005 Final Four to Kyiv because we knew that the organisational level would be very high. In everybody’s mind, Kyiv was the city to host the Final Four and we knew at the first opportunity, which by chance was this year, we would give the Final Four to Kiev again,” said Zanolin.

“Kyiv is a beautiful city with great hospitality, great facilities and high level of organisation. I have known Sasha Volkov for a long time and he is a man of his word and any agreement we have reached has been accomplished. That’s the reason why the Final Four is back in Kyiv.”

“This is my second time here as President of FIBA Europe,” added Vassilakopoulos.

“I was here in 2004 at the FIBA Europe League All Star Day and once again Kyiv has proved that they are able to host a high level FIBA Europe event.”


11.04.2006 - From Tim Hanlon, PA Sport, Barcelona
11.04.2006 - From Cindy Garcia-Bennett, PA Sport

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