Pays d'Aix Basket 66 Lotos VBW Clima Gdynia 64

05 March 2004

The beginning of the match was just as it was 3 days ago in Poland: Gydnia managed to play well from the very first minutes compared to Aix, who don’t.

But, fortunately for the French team, the Polish team commited mistakes and Aix began to play better and better.

MVP Lara Mandic
As in the first period, Aix made too many mistakes allowing foul shots during the second 10 minutes (7 in these 2 first periods). However, the Mandic, Kireta and Volnaya trio really worked and Aix led at half time, 32 – 30.

The third period was all for the French team, who really woke up... MVP Mandic scored 9 points and helped Aix to take more than a 10 point lead.  But then at the end of this quarter the locals started to struggle and Vododpianova (5) scored twice, thus reducing the difference between the two teams.

The atmosphere was very exiting...Gdynia narrowed the gap in 30” at the end of the game and both team were sitting on 63-63. Kristi Harrower, Aix' captain, scored a 3 pointer at the very end and so qualified her team for the Play-Off game of the EuroLeague in Gdynia next week, the last chance match-up...

 MVP of the game: Lara Mandic

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