France European Champion 2001


The French team began with its usual starting five, for the most important game of its history. Right from the beginning, they were handicapped by the refereeing and were inflicted 5 fouls to 0. On the other side, Korstine was the main danger in attack. The first quarter ended with a tie (18 all).

The Russians were given their first foul only at the 14th minute of the game. Cathy Melain at her best (13 points at 63% including 2 out of 2 three points shots) turned to be the top scorer of the French team. The Russians had a lower FG % and France led 37-30, in front of its fans, at the break.

In the third period Alain Jardel rotated his players, but because of a partial refereeing, the Russians came back to the score at the 27th minute.

At the start of the last quarter, the French were still leading 52-50. The end of the game became very tense for the two teams, but France managed to break away, thanks particularly to Fijalkowski (4 fouls) and to Souvré as a very good leading captain. Once again the French defense was too heavy for the opponents and Alain Jardel's players won the gold medal they expected so much.

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