Draw Seeding Announced

28 November 2013

FIBA Europe announced, Thursday, the seeding pots for the EuroBasket Women 2015 2nd Qualification Round, ahead of Sunday's draw.

22 teams will compete in the 2nd Qualification Round, vying for the 11 remaining spots available to EuroBasket Women in June 2015.

The 2nd Qualification Round will take place over the course of June 2014 with the teams divided into four groups of four and two groups of three teams each.The game dates are 8th, 11th, 15th, 18th, 22nd and 25th June.

Each team will play every other team in its group on a home and away basis with the six group winners and five second-best placed teams joining the already qualified teams in Hungary and Romania.

Those teams that have already qualified are the two host nations (Hungary and Romania); Greece who won the EuroBasket 2015 Women 1st Qualification Round; and Spain, France, Turkey, Serbia, Belarus, and the Czech Republic who will all compete at the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women.

The draw will take place in Munich, Germany, along with the draws for the 2014 FIBA Europe Youth Championships and European Championships of the Small Countries.

See below for the seeding pots* 

Pot I
• Sweden
• Italy
• Great Britain
• Montenegro
• Croatia
• Slovak Republic
Pot II
• Russia
• Lithuania
• Ukraine
• Latvia
• Poland
• Bulgaria
• Israel
• Estonia
• Germany
• Slovenia
• Belgium
• Netherlands

Pot IV

• F.Y.R. of Macedonia
• Portugal
• Finland
• Luxembourg


*The seedings are based on where teams finished at EuroBasket 2013 and the EuroBasket Women 1st Qualification Round which also took place in summer, 2013. 


28.06.2015 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015
28.06.2015 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015
28.06.2015 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015
28.06.2015 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015
28.06.2015 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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