Hosts, Danes Secure Semis Spot

Denmark and Bulgaria booked their spots in the semi-finals of the U18 European Championship Men Division B while Sweden moved onto their Qualifying Round group with a 2-0 record.

Dimitar Dimitrov scored 17 points and Tencho Tenchev added 16 points as Bulgaria beat Estonia 81-70 to improve to 2-0 in the Qualifying Round Group E. Pavlin Ivanov and Nikolay Stoyanov each scored 10 points for the Bulgarians.

Rait-Rivo Laane scored 16 points for Estonia, who dropped to 0-2 in the group.
Denmark also moved onto the semifinals from Group E with a 2-0 record after a 50-46 win over Hungary with Esben Reinholt and Peter Moeller both scoring 14 points.

Hungary fell to 0-2 in the group despite 11 points from Levente Misek.

Sweden improved to 2-0 atop Group F with a 66-52 victory over Montenegro thanks to 19 points from Tobias Berg, 15 points from William Magarity and 14 points by Jonathan Person. Montenegro are 0-2 in the group despite 11 points and 10 rebounds from Vukota Pavic.

Israel improved to 1-1 in the group with a 78-62 victory over Netherlans, who also moved to 1-1 in Group F.  Rafael Menco scored 18 points while Or Solomon had 17 points for Israel. Shane Hammink had 20 points for the Netherlands while MIke Schilder had 17 points.

In the Classification for 9 to 18th place, Jonah Callenbach scored 23 points as Portugal beat Luxembourg 72-65 to improve to 2-1 in Group G. Alex Laurent had 12 points and 12 rebounds for Luxembourg, who dropped to 0-2 in the group.

Also in Group G, Simeon Esprit scored with three seconds left in overtime for England's 61-59 victory over Georgia. Esprit scored 18 points for England.

Alexandru Olah had 23 points and 13 rebounds as Romania improved to 2-0 in Group H with a 79-49 victory over Norway, who dropped to 0-3 with Chris Ndow being held to just 14 points.

Vincent Gaillard scored 27 points and Clint N'Dumba-Capela had 22 points and 27 rebounds as Switzerland improved to 2-1 with a 70-48 victory over Austria, who fell to 0-2.


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