All Set For 2011 European Youth Championships Draw

12 January 2011

The draw for the 2011 European Youth Championships takes place on Saturday in Krakow, Poland.

Each one of the Division A European Championships across all three age groups (U20, U18, U16) will be disputed by 16 teams, in both Men and Women.

The U16 European Championship Men Division B, which will be hosted in Skopje, is the tournament that will see the largest number of participants as 23 national federations will send their teams to the capital of F.Y.R.O.M this summer.

A total of 112 Men's teams and 91 Women's teams will be involved in the Division A and Division B Saturday draws as national federations from all over Europe, as far apart as Norway and Cyprus, have at least one team participating in one of the age categories.

A further six national federations are involved in the U16 Division C draws, in both Men and Women.


31.07.2011 - U18 MEN DIVISION B
30.07.2011 - U18 MEN DIVISION B
28.07.2011 - U18 MEN DIVISION B
26.07.2011 - U18 MEN DIVISION B
24.07.2011 - U18 MEN DIVISION B

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