24 seconds with Belgium's Mayombo sisters

10 July 2009

Emmanuella and Noemie Mayombo are enjoying their first experience at the U18 European Championship.

The sisters are representing Belgium and spoke to FIBA Europe about their time in Soödertälje.

FIBA Europe: Noemie, after spending the summer training and playing with your sister in the national team, do you feel like taking time apart from each other once the tournament is over?

Noemie: On the contrary, we really enjoy our time together. We have always been close. We are just one year in age apart. We hang out together a lot and in fact after this tournament, we are going on holiday together.

FIBA Europe: Emmanuella, what is it like playing with your youngest sister in the team?

Emmanuella: It's great. I think it's an advantage because we know each other so well and that makes it easier. She can anticipate my moves and so can I, so it's positive.

FIBA Europe: Noemie, does your older sister give you tips on how to improve your game?

Noemie: She started to play earlier than I did so I followed in her footsteps. She is a very good player and we give each other advice. Outside of basketball, she is a very good sister.

FIBA Europe: Emmanuella, which players in the game do you look up to?

Emmanuella: I like (Belgian internationals) Marjorie Carpreaux and Kathy Wambe. They are great players.

FIBA Europe: Noemie, what has the experience been like for you and would you like to repeat it again next year?

Noemie: You learn a lot in this type of tournament. You get a chance to play against stronger teams and it allows you to play against other people of your age. It's a very rewarding experience and I hope that next year we can play again for the national team. It would be great to play again together.

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