Chiemeka: Taking It On The Chin


Hi again!

After our defeat against Ireland we had a day off where we just relaxed, went swimming and most importantly spent a nice day together.

I must say, we had lots of fun and recharged our batteries for our next game. And I would also thank the parents for having taken us out for the afternoon.

The following day everybody was hot for the evening match! But unfortunately we did not start as well as expected. Although we came back we did not manage to win the game. What can I say?! Well done Bosnia, you are now going to fight for ninth place! And to us?! Hey, there are still some more matches to be played. Let's do it!

On day 7 was our match against Finland. We had lost against them during our preparation, but this time we were ready to take them on. In fact I was sure we could beat them.

Well, what I am going to remember of this day as well, is not my trip to the free-throw line but the trip to the hospital in Skopje and the two stitches on my chin! This was another kind of experience! But don't worry Kia, I'm fine!!

And of course, yippee, we made it! We finally won again! Great team work, guys! Let's do it again!


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