Chiemeka: A Tip Of The Hat

11 August 2008

This time I was thinking I should write about the teams I played against.

I must admit it was a great challenge to play against Belgium who might be on their way back to Division A, good luck to you. Noémie, you agree, we did have a great battle?! Didn't we?! (en français pour toi Noémie: Merci, c'était du bon basket.)

And to the Scottish players I would also say that you did play well. Next time I will know what to expect!

And to Latvia who will also be fighting for a Division A spot I wish all the best. I will try and grow a few more centimetres so I will be out-rebounding you! (just kidding)

Yes and there is the Irish team, always cheerful off court and on court ready to play! Congratulations on your win!

However it is and has been hard to bounce back from so many defeats. But I feel that it is also important to learn from a setback. Of course it is not joyful to loose. Yet I remind myself that I am participating, that I am trying my best. And now the next phase in this competition starts on Tuesday!

So yes, may the best team win.

And I would also like to say hi to the England U16 girls with their coaches Karen and Andrea and the U16 French team, especially to Héléna, Eléonore, Jody and of course Jenny from Reims! Good luck to you and hope to see you soon.

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