Chiemeka: Championship Underway

08 August 2008

On the 6 August the U18 European Championship Women, Division B kicked off. As it was my birthday I would have rather preferred to win. But unfortunately we lost against Belgium. There are days where nothing works out properly, so that's that! Not only that it was quite a physical game but we also had to fight against the heat! (Chieti again I was thinking!)
But we are in Skopje, there is no sea, we are surrounded by mountains!
After our game all the twenty nations had to meet in another hall for the opening ceremony. It was nice and not so long as in Italy with a traditional local dance group opening the 2008 U18 event. A few speeches followed and then the last match of the day started with the hosts winning against Slovenia in a tough finish!
On our second day we were confronted against Scotland. It was my first time ever to play against them. And fortunately we won. They did give us a hard time, that was a real derby match!
Now we have to prepare for an early afternoon game against Latvia before our rest day. I keep my fingers crossed that we can play smoother and get a few more three-pointers in!
Let's do it. Nothing is impossible. We shall never give up and always try to give our best!



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