A Three-Point DeJa Vu


On the first day of the 2008 U20 European Championship Ukraine's Sergiy Gladyr set a stunning record by connecting 11 three pointers in a single game.

That record is valid for all youth categories, and was by one hit better than the previous one.

Less than 10 days after Gladyr's performance his record was tied as well, and ironically this time he was on the receiving end.

In the 7-8 classification game between France and Ukraine the French shooter Abdoulaye Mbaye joined Gladyr in history books.

He hit 11 three pointers as well, on his way to a total of 45 points, but his style was different.

While Gladyr spread his shots throughout a very close game against Lithuania, Mbaye hit seven of his bombs, out of eight attempts, only in the last quarter.

Six of them in the last 4:13 of the game.

The last four in the closing two minutes of the game, that actually decided the game.

Mbaye worked in the last minute of the game to catch up the numbers, and his team-mates supported him.

Every play was made for him to find Mbaye free on the arc.

Which style is more impressive depends on your individual taste.

With 26 ticks on the clock Mbaye went to tie the record but wrote his only miss from that range in the last quarter.

France was on the offensive rebound and after 10 seconds Mbaye scored the bucket that tied the record.

That miss still keep Gladyr on top of the list due to better percentages.

The Ukrainian sharp-shooter used 17 attempts to reach 11 while Mbaye needed one more.

"45 is my number, because that's the area code where I live, so I wanted to reach that," he told after the game.

"I didn't even know I scored so many three pointers, or that I'm close to the record, until I saw the box-score."

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