24 Seconds With Adrijana Knezevic

21 July 2007

Serbian U20 international Adrijana Knezevic has keyed her nation's run to the semi-finals.

The 1.84 m forward is averaging 13.8 ppg and 6.3 rpg.

Knezevic, who played this past season in the EuroLeague Women with Halcon Avenida, is preparing for Saturday's semi-final game against France, but she took time off from her busy schedule in Sofia to speak to us about her passion for the game.

Why did you choose basketball?

Knezevic: I started to play basketball when I was 10-years-old because a friend of mine played the game Before that I used to practise karate. At the beginning I didn't like basketball, I preferred street basketball but now I love it.

What are your pre-game rituals?

Knezevic: When I was young I was obsessed with wearing the same  shirts and trainers as a lucky charm, but now it's impossible.

Adrijana Knezevic (Serbia)
Knezevic and Co are 5-1 in the U20 European Championship for Women
You wear the Number 10 jersey, is there a reason you chose that number?

Knezevic: My favourite number is five. However, my older sister played basketball and she wore the number 10 jersey. When she stopped playing I decided to inherit that number and so far it has brought me luck.

How do you get ready for game?

Knezevic: I like to listen to music. My favourite singer is Alanis Morisette. I also think about nice things in my life but nothing about basketball.

What do you do after a game?

Knezevic: Here in Sofia, we tend to play cards every night. The cards relax the team. After dinner, we play two or three games before we go to bed.

Who was your idol when you were growing up?

Knezevic: When I was little, I liked to watched Drazen Petrovic and of course there was Michael Jordan too.  But I was obsessed with Allen Iverson, I wanted to play like him.

Who is your favourite player now?

Knezevic:I really  like to watch Amaya Valdemoro, she is one of the strongest players in Europe. I also played with Nicole Powell in Spain and it was great to play with her.


22.07.2007 - by Cindy Garcia-Bennett
22.07.2007 - By Cindy Garcia-Bennett, PA Sport

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