Slovenia Women Take Build-up To Bulgaria

07 August 2007

Slovenia's women`s basketball team is to travel to Bulgaria for an international friendly event to prepare for the additional qualifying tournament for EuroBasket 2007.

Boris Zrinski's team will face Romania, Finland and hosts Bulgaria.

"We are all very happy with the form we are in at the moment," said Zrinski.

"We still need to work on our game and the tournament in Bulgaria will surely do us good. We will play Bulgaria,  Romania and Finland. Our two goals are to make our team even more compact and to analyse Finland as much as possible."

Indeed, Slovenia's women will face Finland, and Poland in the additional qualifying tournament.

Daliborka Jokic is set to miss the tournament as she has a knee injury and will be joined on the sidelines by Sandra Pirsic, who is set to return later this month.

Team captain Katja Temnik has been pleased with the team`s preparations so far and is feeling confident going into the competition.

"There is no recipe how to succeed," she said. 

"But we are working hard and hopefully it will pay off. The atmosphere among the girls is really great."

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