Muursepp Surprised By Ease Of Victory

05 September 2005

Estonia forward Martin Muursepp admits his side expected to face a much tougher test after beating Poland 74-45.

The result means that Estonia have preserved their European Championship Division A status and Muursepp was surprised with the ease of the victory.

"Poland lost the ball 37 times. We really expected it to be a harder game," he told newspaper Postimees.

"The second position in our qualification group seemed realistic before the tournament started, but we got better with every game."

Muursepp also praised the home crowd, stressing the importance of their contribution to the win.

"It was a great feeling, the hall was full of people. With a game like this we can beat anyone," he added.

However, Muursepp is unsure about his own future with the national team and has not yet decided whether he will play on next season.

"Let's see what happens. I do not yet want to comment on my future in the national team. I will decide next summer," he said.

Meanwhile, Estonia coach Tiit Sokk, felt that his side's seasoned players were the key to victory.

"Both teams were young, but we had more experienced players. We had players who made a difference," Sokk told SL Ohtuleht.

"The team leaders took over the attack, everyone else played well in the defence. In the second half everyone kept looking at the numbers and waiting for the game to end. Fortunately for us Poland were in a little bit of a shock."

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