Mixed Feelings For Estonia Boss

08 September 2005

National team coach Tiit Sokk has high hopes for the long-term future of Estonian basketball but the likely loss of two of his key players means his immediate outlook is less optimistic.

There are question marks surrounding the continued presence of star duo Martin Muursepp and Tanel Tein and Sokk admits it is going to be hard to find cover for them if they do decide to call time on their international careers.

"We really needed their experience this year, as it is hard to find replacements for them in just a couple of years," said Sokk, who has been in his post for a year.

However, Sokk is much more confident about things when he looks further down the line.

"Fortunately Estonian clubs are playing in the Baltic League which helps a lot. These games have a lot to offer for young players," he added in Estonian daily SL Ohtuleht.

"With the older team we constantly had the fear that we would be getting weaker every year. Now there's more hope."

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