Basket Spezia 78 Mav Coop 65


Porto Mirabello La Spezia earned the right to play game three of Fiba Europe Cup Pan European Play-Offs, thanks to a great defensive performance and win over Hungarian side Mav Coop.

Italian coach Vaiani asked to his players to step up as two players (Danzi and Slatcheva) were sidelined with injuries before the game. Forward Sara Giauro and center Nevriye Ylmaz led the Italians to an 11-2 run at the beginning of the game.

In the second quarter the lack of rest hurt Porto Mirabello, and Mav Coop cut the gap to 9 points at the half. The main reason of the Mav Coop comeback was Angela Delmis with her long distance shooting. Valeria Zanoli came off the bench to hit 7 points and keep her team ahead.

In the third quarter the fight became very hard and center Ylmaz  found her way to the basket. Mav Coop began to shoot a bunch of three pointers but most missed the target. Both teams showed nervs, and Porto Mirabello came out with a a ten point margin.

That margin was enough for the victory as the inevitable Mav Coop rally fell short when Gina Farmer fouled out midway in the fourth quarter. Mav Coop using its guards cut the margin to 6 points, but La Spezia always found a hot player under the boards. After being benched for a long time, Giauro checked back into the game to score score the baskets sealing the victory.

The MVP of the game was the Turkish center of Porto Mirabello, Nevriye Ylmaz who played 40 minutes and scored 18 points going 7/7 from the free throw line and 4/6 from two points and 1/4  from three points range.


Mav Coop Szolnoki 64 Baltiskaya Zwezda 6804.04.2004
Dynamo Moscow 76 Fenerbahce 72 04.04.2004
Fenerbahce 61 Mav Coop Szolnoki 7403.04.2004
Baltiskaya Zwezda 67 Dynamo Moscow 5703.04.2004
FIBA Europe Cup Women Pan-European Play-Offs06.02.2004
La Spezia 63 Baltyskaya Zwezda 6605.02.2004
Delta ICP 89 USO Mondeville 8429.01.2004

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