La Spezia 63 Baltyskaya Zwezda 66


St. Peterburg controlled the game from the start. In the first two periods there was no doubt about the result. The russians played good basketball and lead with 21 points (22-43).

In the third period Porto Mirabello La Spezia had the better start. In the last period La Spezia had the opportunity to reach the tie (-1), but they didnĀ“t get the use their chance and St. Peterburg gained this very important victory (63-60). 

MVP: Nevrye Yilmaz:  21 points and 4 rebounds.

Also a good game for Mirova: she had 17 points and 7 rebound


Mav Coop Szolnoki 64 Baltiskaya Zwezda 6804.04.2004
Dynamo Moscow 76 Fenerbahce 72 04.04.2004
Fenerbahce 61 Mav Coop Szolnoki 7403.04.2004
Baltiskaya Zwezda 67 Dynamo Moscow 5703.04.2004
Basket Spezia 78 Mav Coop 6520.02.2004
FIBA Europe Cup Women Pan-European Play-Offs06.02.2004
Delta ICP 89 USO Mondeville 8429.01.2004

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