Spain: Life On The Outside Tough For Gasol


Pau Gasol admits he is finding it hard to adapt to his new position covering the progress of the Spain basketball team rather than playing for it.

Gasol will fly to Belgrade on Wednesday but will not play in the EuroBasket to allow his foot injury more time to recover.

The Memphis Grizzlies star already writes a regular column for sports paper Marca and he will be combining that work with the role of expert commentator for Spanish Television (TVE) who will be televising all of Spain's games live.

And Gasol expects to feel the tension from up in the commentary box.

"The truth is that it is very strange for me, but I am getting used to it," he told Marca.

"I don't want to upset anyone, I hope it doesn't happen again because I want to play."

Gasol knows one of his biggest problems will be keeping calm as his companions are fighting to qualify for the FIBA World Championships 2006 down on court.

"I have not got really nervous yet, because so far it has been all friendly games. I am certain that I will be biting my nails off during the European Championships," he added.

"It makes me angry not to be able to play because when I watch them play, I imagine how it would be to be in the game."

Nevertheless, Gasol is optimistic that Spain can perform without him.

"They look very good, they have prepared well and they are strong, but as always it will be very close and any mistakes are going to be fatal," he warned.

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