Taylor Rochestie (BG GÖTTINGEN)

Taylor Rochestie

Nationality: USA
Born : 01.07.1985
Place of birth: TX (USA)
Height: 1.85m
Position: PG

14.7Points per game
2.9Rebounds per game
2.7Assists per game





  • » Ranks #19 in 3 Pts Field Goals Made (1.8)
  • » Ranks #11 in Steals (1.5)
  • » Ranks #16 in Free Throws Percentage (79.6%)
  • » Ranks #6 in Field Goals Attempted (11.9)
  • » Ranks #15 in 2 Pts Field Goals Attempted (7.4)
  • » Ranks #14 in Points Per Game (14.7)
  • » Ranks #14 in Field Goals Made (5.3)
  • » Ranks #18 in Assists (2.7)
Taylor ROCHESTIE - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: Pallacanestro Biella (Italy-Lega)
Career: Tulane Green Wave (USA-NCAA, 2004-05); Washington State (USA-NCAA, 2006-09); BG Göttingen (Germany-BBL, 2009-10); Galatasaray Istanbul (Turkey-TBL, 2010-11); ALBA Berlin (Germany-BBL, 2011); Le Mans Sarthe Basket (France-Pro A, 2011-12); Caja Laboral Vitoria (Spain-ACB, 2012); Pallacanestro Biella (Italy-Lega, 2012-13)

Coach Pavicevic is facing a tough decision, as he will have to choose between two high-class guards to fill the naturalised player spot. Taylor Rochestie enjoys the slight advantage of having spent last summer with the team, connecting with his teammates for a team-high 4.3 assists-per-game. Claiming that a professional career in Europe was his dream ever since sixth grade, it materialised for the Washington State graduate in 2009, when he joined German side BG Göttingen. Proving to be a true leader on the team from the very first game, Rochestie paced the offence-oriented game of the club, celebrating a EuroChallenge title on home soil and being named Final Four MVP. A smart player with good court vision, the 28-year-old can also light it up on a good shooting night, turning into an additional scoring option for his team.


vs Lokomotiv Kuban (W 76-88)214/666.72/366.72/366.70/00.010130104010
vs BCM Gravelines (W 81-51)225/1145.55/862.50/30.02/2100.001121201212
vs KK Buducnost (L 92-84)213/933.32/633.31/333.30/00.02025260507
vs Lokomotiv Kuban (W 92-71)345/1533.33/1127.32/450.02/366.701124001314
vs BCM Gravelines (W 64-72)266/1250.05/862.51/425.00/20.023552200513
vs KK Buducnost (L 74-80)297/1643.86/1442.91/250.03/475.042612201418
vs Proteas EKA AEL (W 92-59)61/520.01/333.30/20.00/00.00000101202
vs Krasnye Krylia (L 82-74)202/825.02/540.00/30.00/00.00332100014
vs EiffelTowers Den Bosch (W 89-69)193/742.91/333.32/450.00/00.01124200208
vs Proteas EKA AEL (W 90-97)214/850.02/366.72/540.06/6100.000002302316
vs Krasnye Krylia (W 89-68)229/1181.85/5100.04/666.70/00.001110102322
vs EiffelTowers Den Bosch (W 67-86)286/1154.53/560.03/650.04/4100.017831000019
vs BC FMP (W 75-69)396/2030.05/1338.51/714.311/1478.651631001924
vs BC FMP (W 71-76)389/1947.45/1145.54/850.03/475.014523202625
vs Roanne Basket (W 77-67)3510/2147.66/1442.94/757.13/475.031442404527
vs Krasnye Krylia (W 75-83)344/1233.33/742.91/520.05/683.302261103414
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2730.04.2010 vs. Roanne Basket31 - EuroBasket 2013
08.09.2012 vs Iceland
Total Rebounds809.03.2010 vs. EiffelTowers Den Bosch8 - EuroChallenge 2010
09.03.2010 vs EiffelTowers Den Bosch
Assists602.05.2010 vs. Krasnye Krylia10 - EuroChallenge 2012
04.10.2011 vs Pinar Karsiyaka
Steals608.12.2009 vs. KK Buducnost6 - EuroChallenge 2010
08.12.2009 vs KK Buducnost
Blocked Shots126.01.2010 vs. Proteas EKA AEL 1 - EuroChallenge 2010
26.01.2010 vs Proteas EKA AEL
Minutes3923.03.2010 vs. BC FMP39 - EuroChallenge 2010
23.03.2010 vs BC FMP
Field Goals Made1030.04.2010 vs. Roanne Basket10 - 2 times
Field Goals Attempted2130.04.2010 vs. Roanne Basket21 - EuroChallenge 2010
30.04.2010 vs Roanne Basket
2 Pts Field Goals Made62 times6 - 3 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted142 times14 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Made43 times4 - 4 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted825.03.2010 vs. BC FMP8 - EuroChallenge 2010
25.03.2010 vs BC FMP
Free Throws Made1123.03.2010 vs. BC FMP11 - EuroChallenge 2010
23.03.2010 vs BC FMP
Free Throws Attempted1423.03.2010 vs. BC FMP14 - EuroChallenge 2010
23.03.2010 vs BC FMP
Offensive Rebounds523.03.2010 vs. BC FMP5 - EuroChallenge 2010
23.03.2010 vs BC FMP
Defensive Rebounds709.03.2010 vs. EiffelTowers Den Bosch7 - EuroChallenge 2010
09.03.2010 vs EiffelTowers Den Bosch



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