Quanitra Hollingsworth (FENERBAHCE SPOR KULÜBÜ)

Quanitra Hollingsworth

Nationality: TUR
Born : 15.11.1988
Place of birth: Pertsmouth, VA (USA)
Height: 1.96m
Position: C

5.6Points per game
3.2Rebounds per game
0.5Assists per game



Quanitra Hollingsworth - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: UMMC Ekaterinburg (Russia-Premier League)
Career: VA Commonwealth (USA-NCAA, 2005-09), Minnesota Lynx (USA-WNBA 2009), TEO Vilnius (Lithuania, LMKL, 2009-10), Minnesota Lynx (USA-WNBA, 2010), TTT Riga (Latvia-LSBL, 2010-11), UNI Seat Gyor (Hungary-A1, 2011), New York Liberty (USA-WNBA, 2011), UNI Seat Gyor (Hungary-A1, 2012-13), UMMC Ekaterinburg (Russia-Premier League, 2012-13)
The naturalised center was brought into the mix to boost the chances of Turkey competing for a podium finish on a regular basis and at age 25, she is destined to fulfil that role for years to come as she slowly but surely becomes the main frontcourt focus. During her first year, she eased her way into the team by helping to book a spot at the Olympics and then went to London and gave an equally solid and impressive display with 10.8 points and 5.7 rebounds-per-game. She is now a EuroLeague Women champion after taking a winners' medal in her first year with UMMC Ekaterinburg, competing for precious court time on the most stacked roster in Europe. She is powerful, efficient, gets the job done well under the basket and thrives on doing the gritty work for any team.


vs UE Sopron (W 71-64)125/683.35/683.30/00.03/475.011202002213
vs Wisla Can-Pack (W 69-73)61/1100.01/1100.00/00.00/00.00000000102
vs Nadezhda Orenburg (W 71-69)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs UE Sopron (W 53-57)92/2100.02/2100.00/00.00/00.02350400404
vs Wisla Can-Pack (W 67-59)61/250.01/250.00/00.00/00.00000101302
vs Nadezhda Orenburg (W 51-67)60/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.00110000000
vs Lattes Montpellier (W 78-50)205/5100.05/5100.00/00.01/1100.006601001111
vs Rivas Ecopolis (W 62-71)122/540.02/540.00/00.00/00.01231200214
vs BK IMOS Brno (W 78-57)202/450.02/450.00/00.01/1100.01343300215
vs CCC Polkowice (W 75-57)212/450.02/450.00/00.02/450.00552001236
vs CCC Polkowice (W 48-64)236/1154.56/1154.50/00.01/250.024601012313
vs Kayseri Kaski spor (W 64-58)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs Galatasaray odeabank (W 66-68)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (W 58-57)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs Tango Bourges (W 59-50)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs Galatasaray odeabank (L 58-69)181/1100.01/1100.00/00.00/00.01230222112
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points132 times23 - EuroLeague Women 2012
20.10.2011 vs Lotos Gdynia
Total Rebounds62 times17 - EuroLeague Women 2012
08.12.2011 vs Lotos Gdynia
Assists326.02.2014 vs. BK IMOS Brno3 - 3 times
Steals213.04.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank4 - EuroLeague Women 2012
19.01.2012 vs VICI Aistes
Blocked Shots213.04.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank2 - 6 times
Minutes2314.03.2014 vs. CCC Polkowice40 - EuroLeague Women 2010
12.11.2009 vs Galatasaray
Field Goals Made614.03.2014 vs. CCC Polkowice9 - EuroLeague Women 2012
11.01.2012 vs Galatasaray MP
Field Goals Attempted1114.03.2014 vs. CCC Polkowice14 - EuroLeague Women 2012
11.01.2012 vs Galatasaray MP
2 Pts Field Goals Made614.03.2014 vs. CCC Polkowice9 - EuroLeague Women 2012
11.01.2012 vs Galatasaray MP
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1114.03.2014 vs. CCC Polkowice14 - EuroLeague Women 2012
11.01.2012 vs Galatasaray MP
3 Pts Field Goals Made  
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted  
Free Throws Made313.11.2013 vs. UE Sopron7 - 4 times
Free Throws Attempted42 times14 - EuroLeague Women 2015
11.02.2015 vs Beretta Famila
Offensive Rebounds22 times6 - 4 times
Defensive Rebounds612.02.2014 vs. Lattes Montpellier14 - EuroLeague Women 2012
08.12.2011 vs Lotos Gdynia
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroLeague Women 2015 (Fenerbahce)
EuroLeague Women 2014 (Fenerbahce)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2013 (Turkey)
EuroLeague Women 2013 (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
Olympic Games: Tournament for Women 2012 (Turkey)
FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women 2012 (Turkey)
EuroLeague Women 2012 (Uni Seat Györ) 14.810.10.7
EuroLeague Women 2011 (TTT Riga)
EuroCup Women 2011 (Seat Györ)
EuroLeague Women 2010 (TEO Vilnius)



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