Birkan Batuk (Turkey)

Birkan Batuk

Nationality: TUR
Born : 30.01.1990
Place of birth: Kadiköy (TUR)
Height: 1.96m
Position: SG

4.6Points per game
3.8Rebounds per game
0.9Assists per game



Birkan BATUK - EuroBasket 2013 Profile
Team 2012-13: Anadolu Efes Istanbul (Turkey-TBL)
Career: Alpella Istanbul (Turkey-TBL, 2006-08); Trabzonspor (Turkey-TB2L, 2008-09); Pinar Karsiyaka (Turkey-TBL, 2009-12); Anadolu Efes Istanbul (Turkey-TBL, 2012-13)

After years of working his way through the Turkey youth national team ranks, Batuk finally made his debut with the senior side in the EuroBasket 2013 Qualification Round - albeit with just 16 scoreless minutes in two games. But the 23-year-old is part of Turkey's strong 1990 generation. The shooting guard has good scoring skills and is a weapon from beyond the three-point arc. Batuk has also shown he is ready to take on more responsibility. He played two seasons in EuroChallenge with Pinar Karsiyaka before moving to Euroleague side Anadolu Efes Istanbul, where he proved last year in his first campaign that he can contribute to a top-level club. If he makes the team for Slovenia, Batuk will benefit greatly from serving as a back-up to veterans like Sinan Guler and Omer Onan.


vs Israel (W 76-75)102/2100.02/2100.00/00.00/00.0224010024
vs Montenegro (L 61-58)131/616.71/333.30/30.00/00.0202020032
vs Lithuania (L 59-65)60/10.00/10.00/00.00/00.0000000010
vs Ukraine (W 93-44)233/837.53/742.90/10.01/250.0459302017
vs Serbia (W 52-63)50/10.00/00.00/10.00/00.0011000000
vs Croatia (L 75-62)225/5100.04/4100.01/1100.00/00.01011010411
vs Spain (L 77-60)141/520.01/333.30/20.00/00.0123010022
vs Croatia (W 78-69)232/825.02/540.00/30.02/366.7279132116
vs Lithuania (L 72-77)274/757.13/560.01/250.00/00.0325334039
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1122.07.2009 vs. Croatia23 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
17.08.2006 vs Russia
Total Rebounds92 times12 - U18 European Championship Men 2007
08.08.2007 vs Latvia
Assists32 times4 - 3 times
Steals426.07.2009 vs. Lithuania4 - 4 times
Blocked Shots125.07.2009 vs. Croatia1 - 5 times
Minutes2726.07.2009 vs. Lithuania36 - U18 European Championship Men 2007
11.08.2007 vs Spain
Field Goals Made522.07.2009 vs. Croatia10 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
17.08.2006 vs Russia
Field Goals Attempted82 times15 - 3 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made422.07.2009 vs. Croatia8 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
17.08.2006 vs Russia
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted720.07.2009 vs. Ukraine12 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
17.08.2006 vs Russia
3 Pts Field Goals Made12 times5 - U16 European Championship Men 2005
02.08.2005 vs Italy
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted32 times11 - EuroChallenge 2012
22.11.2011 vs Telekom Baskets
Free Throws Made225.07.2009 vs. Croatia6 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
15.08.2006 vs Israel
Free Throws Attempted325.07.2009 vs. Croatia8 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
15.08.2006 vs Israel
Offensive Rebounds420.07.2009 vs. Ukraine5 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds725.07.2009 vs. Croatia10 - U16 European Championship Men 2006
16.08.2006 vs Croatia



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