Maryia Filonchyk (OLIMPIA GRODNO)

Maryia Filonchyk

Nationality: BLR
Born : 10.01.1992
Place of birth: Bobruisk (BLR)
Height: 1.89m
Position: PF

8.8Points per game
4.2Rebounds per game
0.7Assists per game


Maryia Filonchyk - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Olimpia Grodno (Belarus-Premier)

Career: Victoria-UOR Grodno (Belarus-Premier, 2005-08), Olimpia Grodno (Belarus-Premier, 2008-13)

Now 21, it's time for the exciting and supremely talented forward to prove she can do it at the senior level. She lit up throughout an impressive youth career, culminating at the U20 European Championship last year when she helped her team into the quarter-finals. The next crucial step is becoming a senior team regular - something which has been hampered by injury issues. She has registered a strong season for Olimpia Grodno and despite her age, is already the captain. She is a wonderful offensive player on her night who can make jump-shots from all over the floor and relishes drawing contact from opponents. She can suffer from inconsistency and is still working on the defensive side of her game but had a great finish to the season, as 12 priceless rebounds in the deciding Belarus Championship game would testify.


vs Dynamo Kursk (L 53-83)325/1145.53/650.02/540.00/00.002203102012
vs Dynamo Kursk (L 104-39)253/837.51/425.02/450.00/00.02350001318
vs Kayseri Kaski spor (L 77-66)275/1241.75/862.50/40.00/00.024621112010
vs Maccabi Bnot (L 76-58)193/1030.01/425.02/633.30/00.01231301218
vs Kayseri Kaski spor (W 97-67)171/616.71/425.00/20.02/2100.01341111234
vs Maccabi Bnot (W 86-70)295/1435.74/1136.41/333.30/00.032503102011
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points1202.11.2011 vs. Dynamo Kursk32 - U16 European Championship Women 2007
29.07.2007 vs Slovak Republic
Total Rebounds610.11.2011 vs. Kayseri Kaski spor19 - U16 European Championship Women 2007
04.08.2007 vs Belgium
Assists210.11.2011 vs. Kayseri Kaski spor4 - 6 times
Steals14 times5 - 2 times
Blocked Shots14 times7 - U16 European Championship Women 2008
16.08.2008 vs Czech Republic
Minutes3202.11.2011 vs. Dynamo Kursk40 - 6 times
Field Goals Made53 times11 - 2 times
Field Goals Attempted1408.12.2011 vs. Maccabi Bnot 24 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made510.11.2011 vs. Kayseri Kaski spor9 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1108.12.2011 vs. Maccabi Bnot 20 - U18 European Championship Women 2008
18.07.2008 vs Bulgaria
3 Pts Field Goals Made23 times5 - U20 European Championship Women 2010
23.07.2010 vs Netherlands
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted617.11.2011 vs. Maccabi Bnot 10 - 2 times
Free Throws Made201.12.2011 vs. Kayseri Kaski spor13 - U20 European Championship Women 2011
09.07.2011 vs Italy
Free Throws Attempted201.12.2011 vs. Kayseri Kaski spor14 - U20 European Championship Women 2011
09.07.2011 vs Italy
Offensive Rebounds308.12.2011 vs. Maccabi Bnot 8 - 2 times
Defensive Rebounds410.11.2011 vs. Kayseri Kaski spor15 - U16 European Championship Women 2007
04.08.2007 vs Belgium



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