Buceta Takes Bulgaria Reins

Bulgaria have handed reins to their women's national team to Spaniard Jose Maria Buceta.

The former Spain women's coach has signed a four-year deal and replaces Nikolay Boroukov, who guided the Bulgarians to a third-place finish in January's Additional Qualifying Round for the EuroBasket Women in Latvia.

Quinn: "I Would Be Glad To Play For Bulgaria Again"

Things didn't go according to plan for Bulgaria at the start of 2009, when they took part in the EuroBasket Women Additional Qualifying Round.

One victory from four games left Nikolay Boroukov's team third in Group A behind Ukraine and Germany and out of the Final Round which tips off this summer in Latvia.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
Tanya Chirov SG 1.80 26.02.1981 Bor (SRB)  
Radostina Dimitrova SF 1.84 22.08.1985 Pernik (BUL)  
Dimana Georgieva 1.88 04.04.1988 Montana (BUL)  
Evelina Guneva SF 1.83 23.05.1980 Sofia (BUL)  
Teodora Petrova 1.78 15.09.1979 Sofia (BUL)  
Veselka Todorova 1.94 29.05.1988 Vidin (BUL)  
Maria Tzankova 1.79 29.06.1988 Sofia (BUL)  
Roksana Yordanova SG 1.84 01.04.1984 Sofia (BUL)  
Jaklin Zlatanova PF 1.90 25.09.1988 Sofia (BUL)  
4Noel Kuin SG 1.83 03.01.1985 LA (USA)  
5Milena Tomova 1.86 20.06.1982 Pleven (BUL)  
6Zornitza Kostova SG 1.75 12.08.1982 Burgas (BUL)  
7Silviya Peeva PG 1.70 27.08.1979 Sofia (BUL)  
8Aneta Miteva 1.81 19.08.1988 V. Tarnovo (BUL)  
9Daniela Peteva SF 1.80 02.06.1989 V. Tarnovo (BUL)  
10Ekaterina Dimitrova PG 1.80 23.11.1987 Plovdiv (BUL)  
11Ivelina Vrantcheva PG 1.75 09.09.1980 Plovdiv (BUL)  
12Vera Perostiyska PF 1.95 25.05.1982 Plovdiv (BUL)  
13Gergana Branzova-Erdenay PF 1.93 25.07.1976 Burgas (BUL)  
14Gergana Danova Simeonov 1.86 20.10.1979 Sofia (BUL)  
15Nataliya Topalova-Shopova 1.89 15.03.1980 Goce Delchev (BUL)  


Head Coach: Nikolay Boroukov

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Bulgarians Edge Germany In Group A Finale

Bulgaria scraped their first win in their final game of the EuroBasket Women Additional Qualifying Round on Monday by defeating Germany 67-66.

With Ukraine having already clinched top spot and sealed the only place on offer for the Final Round from Group A, the Bulgarians and Germans battled it out for pride and the hosts claimed victory by the narrowest of margins as Noel Monik Kuin poured in 16 points.

Ukraine On The Verge After Close Win

Ukraine have taken a huge step towads EuroBasket Women after edging out Bulgaria 67-61 in a tense game in Kiev in the additional qualifying round.

Bulgaria kept it close right to the end, but the hosts eventually pulled it out with a 6-0 run to close the game in the final minute.

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Germany, Bulgaria In Do-Or-Die Meeting08.01.2009
Ukraine Score Crucial Win In Bulgaria04.01.2009
Bulgaria Sing The Blues After Being Grouped With Ukraine16.10.2008
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Greece Win In Bulgaria To Storm Into Final Round10.09.2008
Belgium Pull Away For Big Win Over Bulgaria06.09.2008
Serbia Enter Victory Column By Defeating Bulgaria03.09.2008
Greece Fight Back To Top Bulgaria30.08.2008
Bulgaria Hold Off Belgium27.08.2008




PTSG. Branzova-Erdenay12.9
RTG. Branzova-Erdenay8.2
ASI. Vrantcheva2.3
STE. Dimitrova0.9
BSG. Branzova-Erdenay0.5


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27.08.2008vs BEL[W] 74-70 (H)
30.08.2008vs GRE[L] 59-70 (A)
03.09.2008vs SRB[L] 67-73 (A)
06.09.2008vs BEL[L] 60-87 (A)
10.09.2008vs GRE[L] 65-76 (H)
13.09.2008vs SRB[W] 75-68 (H)
04.01.2009vs UKR[L] 76-81 (H)
10.01.2009vs GER[L] 60-68 (A)
13.01.2009vs UKR[L] 61-67 (A)
19.01.2009vs GER[W] 67-66 (H)



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President: Georgi Glushkov
Secretary General: Eleonora Rangelova
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