Szolnoki Fall In Albacomp Clash

06 April 2012


11. Obie Trotter (Szolnoki Olaj)
Obie Trotter scored 24 points in Szolnoki's loss to Albacomp.

The big moment for Szolnoki Olaj and their legion of fans will soon arrive soon enough. 

The Hungarian club was named hosts of the EuroChallenge Final Four and everyone is buzzing about the season-ending showpiece event that's coming to the country.

The club, which hit back from a 1-0 deficit against BK Ventspils to win the Quarter-Final tie 2-1, will go up against Turkish team Besiktas on 27 April in Debrecen, Hungary.

In the other Semi-Final, Russian outfit Triumph Lyubertsy will square off against French powerhouse Elan Chalon.

Before then, however, Szolnoki are focusing on domestic matters.

They have been battling to have a strong finish to the regular season and in their last outing, they came up short against Albacomp, 78-71.

Obie Trotter led Szolnoki with 24 points but a bad start to the game, and to the second half, proved costly for coach Peter Por's side.

"The first and the beginning of the third quarter was bad for us," Por said.

"As a result of these periods, Albacomp was able to gain a 10- to 15-point advantage.

"Our zone defense troubled them a bit and helped us stay within striking distance but the home side could always freshen up their team (with bench players) and when we got close to them, we weren't patient enough (on offense)."

The result has left both sides with 21-5 records and trailing Falco-Szova KC-Szombathely (23-3).


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