Robertas Javtokas

Nationality: LTU
Born : 20.03.1980
Place of birth: Siauliai (LTU)
Height: 2.11m
Position: C

10.2Points per game
8.2Rebounds per game
0.4Assists per game





  • » Ranks #16 in Offensive Rebounds (2.3)
  • » Ranks #6 in Defensive Rebounds (5.9)
  • » Ranks #8 in Total Rebounds (8.2)
  • » Ranks #5 in Blocked Shots (1.2)
  • » Ranks #9 in Double-Doubles (5)
Robertas Javtokas - EuroBasket 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania-LKL)
Career: Siauliai (Lithuania-LKL, 1996-97); Arizona (USA-NCAA, 1999); Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuania-LKL, 2000-06); Panathinaikos (Greece-ESAKE, 2006-07); Dynamo Moscow (Russia-Superleague, 2007-09); Khimki Moscow Region (Russia-Superleague, 2009-10); Power Electronics Valencia (Spain-ACB, 2010-11); Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania-LKL, 2011-13)

Robertas Javtokas, the captain of the national team, will return to the squad after missing the Olympic Games with an injury he picked up in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Venezuela. The stress fracture in his foot forced the powerful center to miss the first half of the 2012-13 season with Zalgiris Kaunas as well. However, by the time of the LKL Finals, Javtokas was once again a force under the basket, grabbing rebounds, setting solid screens and playing excellent defence. Although the role of the 33-year-old big man in EuroBasket might be smaller than in past tournaments, he will throw in his leadership and wealth of experience, to lead the Lithuanian team both in the locker room and on the court.



vs ALBA (L 95-70)346/1060.05/955.61/1100.00/20.02461240213
vs Maccabi Ness (W 91-69)252/450.02/450.00/00.00/00.0055010044
vs ASVEL Lyon (L 87-69)373/837.53/837.50/00.00/00.03811140026
vs CSKA (L 84-88)372/540.02/540.00/00.01/616.7156000215
vs Panathinaikos AC (L 104-83)352/540.02/450.00/10.00/10.0246011024
vs ZEPTER IDEA (L 91-101)356/966.76/966.70/00.05/955.62570202417
vs Comerson Siena (W 87-91)392/1020.02/1020.00/00.04/666.72810121548
vs Split Croatia Insurance (L 83-80)235/771.45/771.40/00.01/333.34590100011
vs Ülker SC (L 79-97)273/650.03/560.00/10.00/40.02810010246
vs ALBA (L 71-80)121/520.01/520.00/00.00/00.0011000042
vs Maccabi Ness (W 71-88)233/560.03/560.00/00.00/30.0167101246
vs ASVEL Lyon (L 80-81)203/475.03/475.00/00.00/20.0156001246
vs CSKA (L 88-82)385/1145.55/1145.50/00.03/650.02680413213
vs Panathinaikos AC (W 87-78)202/366.72/366.70/00.01/425.0224200155
vs ZEPTER IDEA (W 74-92)243/3100.03/3100.00/00.04/1330.82460100410
vs Comerson Siena (L 92-93)368/1266.78/1266.70/00.03/3100.048122203319
vs Split Croatia Insurance (W 93-77)376/875.06/875.00/00.07/977.849130111319
vs Ülker SC (W 83-99)364/850.04/757.10/10.07/1070.029110111215
vs Efes Pilsen (L 89-78)346/1442.96/1250.00/20.02/540.04590220414
vs Efes Pilsen (W 73-69)346/1250.06/1250.00/00.00/00.0311141111312
vs Efes Pilsen (L 86-67)388/1361.58/1266.70/10.04/757.166120101320
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2005.04.2001 vs. Efes Pilsen28 - Saporta Cup 2002
06.11.2001 vs Telekom Baskets
Total Rebounds1429.03.2001 vs. Efes Pilsen17 - European Championship for Junior Men 1998
03.07.1998 vs Bulgaria
Assists22 times3 - 3 times
Steals419.10.2000 vs. ALBA6 - Saporta Cup 2002
12.12.2001 vs Arkadia Lions
Blocked Shots514.12.2000 vs. Comerson Siena7 - Saporta Cup 2002
06.11.2001 vs Telekom Baskets
Minutes3914.12.2000 vs. Comerson Siena43 - European Championship for Junior Men 1998
03.07.1998 vs Bulgaria
Field Goals Made82 times10 - 4 times
Field Goals Attempted1427.03.2001 vs. Efes Pilsen16 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
02.08.2000 vs F.Y.R. of Macedonia
2 Pts Field Goals Made82 times10 - 4 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted124 times16 - European Championship for Young Men 2000
02.08.2000 vs F.Y.R. of Macedonia
3 Pts Field Goals Made119.10.2000 vs. ALBA1 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted227.03.2001 vs. Efes Pilsen2 - FIBA SuproLeague 2001
27.03.2001 vs Efes Pilsen
Free Throws Made72 times8 - Saporta Cup 2002
06.11.2001 vs Telekom Baskets
Free Throws Attempted1322.02.2001 vs. ZEPTER IDEA14 - Saporta Cup 2002
06.11.2001 vs Telekom Baskets
Offensive Rebounds605.04.2001 vs. Efes Pilsen9 - European Championship for Junior Men 1998
03.07.1998 vs Bulgaria
Defensive Rebounds1129.03.2001 vs. Efes Pilsen11 - FIBA SuproLeague 2001
29.03.2001 vs Efes Pilsen
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroBasket - Final Round 2013 (Lithuania)
FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Men 2012 (Lithuania)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2011 (Lithuania)
FIBA World Championship for Men 2010 (Lithuania)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2009 (Lithuania)
Olympic Games: Tournament Men 2008 (Lithuania)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2007 (Lithuania)
World Championship for Men 2006 (Lithuania)
EuroBasket - Final Round 2005 (Lithuania)
Olympic Games: Tournament for Men 2004 (Lithuania)
FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament for Men 2004 (Lithuania)
European Championship for Men - Semi-Final Round 2003 (Lithuania)
Saporta Cup 2002 (BC Lietuvos Rytas) 13.410.10.9
European Championship for Men - Final Round 2001 (Lithuania)
FIBA SuproLeague 2001 (BC Lietuvos Rytas)
European Championship for Young Men - Final Round 2000 (Lithuania)
Saporta Cup 2000 (BC Lietuvos Rytas)
European Championship for Young Men - Qualifying Round 2000 (Lithuania)
European Championship for Junior Men - Final Round 1998 (Lithuania)



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